How to Download Videos for the Device in iOS 13 and Later?(Not Recommended)

To download a video from Facebook, please follow the steps below. At first, click the share button and select the copy link.

click share button and copy

In the Safari browser, open the home page, paste the copied link in the input box of the page, and then click the download button. Just wait for a while, will analyze the download link.

analyze link

Then will display the download links of all the analyzed videos, audios and silent videos, which can be selectively downloaded.

video displayed

Long press on the download button, and then select the download link file, you can start downloading the corresponding video.

start download

Click the downloaded video in Safari browser to start preview playback. And you can click the share button in the lower left corner, choose to save the video, you can save the video to photos.

save to photos

That's all about how to download videos from device in iOS 13 and the later system.