Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

If you want to ask for a product, website, or content advertising on, please contact (replace # with @). Before reaching us, you can read the below contents to know more about how our website performs and what ads formats we accept.

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What Kinds of Ad Formats Do We Accept?

Sponsored Post

You provide us the article and we post it on with backlinks to your website. Your article must meet all the below requirements.

  1. Topic: Articles or posts about video, audio, image, the software will be accepted.
  2. Content:

    Must be 100% unique;

    Must be readable;

    Should include the keywords;

    Should have 800 words at least;

    Include Images without copyright problems.

  3. Links: Only 3 at most no-follow links included.
  4. Duration: In general, we will not delete the article already posted. But we can only promise two years in the case of some unexpected facts.

Ready to work with us? Contact via (replace # with @).

Text Links

We can insert your links in the footer, header or content body. Please contact us to negotiate with the price.

Display Advertisements

  1. Sidebar ads in product pages (picture+link)
  2. Banner ads (picture+link)
  3. In-Content ads (picture+link)

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